Weekly Specials at Volume One Bar and Grill in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Are you looking for a unique culinary experience in Eau Claire, Wisconsin? Look no further than Volume One Bar and Grill! For ten days in September, Volume One is hosting an exciting culinary tradition that will give you access to special menus, offers and great deals. Plus, you can attend a handful of unique gastronomic-themed events that will raise funds for community causes. From 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., you can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. For lunch, try the breaded Atlantic cod and French fries, served with fried potatoes and garlic.

Or, go for the large flour chipotle tortilla filled with grilled chicken, shepherd's steak or grilled sirloin, black beans and lettuce, topped with bacon, cheese sauce and avocado sauce. For dinner, there is a buffet lunch with everything from super white tuna nigiri and rainbow rolls to soba noodle soups and teriyaki rice with salmon. In addition to your special lunch offer, you can also enjoy a French chicken breast, roasted garlic, basil, oregano and cream sauce, served with garlic fries or mashed potatoes with garlic or mashed potatoes with garlic of your choice. A large quesadilla filled with sirloin, chicken or shepherd, with roasted onions, lettuce, pico de gallo and chihuahua cheese is also available and topped with cheese sauce and avocado sauce.