When is the Best Time for a Happy Hour?

Happy hour is a long-standing tradition that has been around since the 1920s. It's a period of time after the end of the workday when customers can get discounted drinks and food, for free with another purchase or by winning a fun contest. But not all happy hours are created equal. Some times of day are better than others for enjoying a few drinks and some good company.

The last hour before closing is usually one of the least desirable times for a happy hour. It's often a mess of decisions that will be regretted later, and any time of the day when there's a strong chance that you'll hear that terrible Semisonic song will be a bad time in your life. Additionally, in most cities, bars and restaurants close no later than 4 in the morning, so unless you're a night owl or an alley drifter who's finally happy to have a little peace and quiet with a fifth of alcohol, we can safely eliminate 4 in the morning as an option. Lunchtime is similar to the announced happy hour, but worse.

The same high percentage of suitable office workers will fill up the bar or restaurant, but they will drink much less (if they don't), flirt in an unenthusiastic way, and talk a lot in the annoying jargon of their industry. Worse yet, the lights are too bright and the televisions are tuned to the midday news. So let's eliminate noon until 3 p.m. The best time for happy hour is usually in the late afternoon and early evening, when it's the calm between the end of the working day and the beginning of dinner rush hour.

Nighttime happy hours have become popular for many bars and restaurants to attract a younger audience. It's also a great way to attract more customers during slower hours of the week. Any establishment can offer special drinks, but you have to offer an amazing experience if you want customers to come during this time (and stay for dinner). For restaurateurs, happy hour helps to draw in more customers, receive more orders at the point of sale in bars, and give a small boost to their results - it's beneficial for everyone. So if you're looking for discounted drinks and good company, head out to your favorite bar or restaurant during late afternoon or early evening - that's when you'll find the best happy hour!.