What Payment Methods are Accepted at Girolamo's Court'n House Bar and Grill in Eau Claire, Wisconsin?

Girolamo's Court'n House Bar and Grill in Eau Claire, Wisconsin has been a beloved part of the community for almost two decades. The family-run establishment opened its doors in January 2003 and has been providing customers with a unique dining experience ever since. With a plaque that reads Reserved for Jim, the family still reserves a spot at the end of the bar for their father, who helped build the bar from scratch and passed away two years ago. The bar and grill is renowned for its excellent customer service and its commitment to providing a great experience.

Recently, they have taken steps to improve the customer experience by upgrading the exterior, expanding seating options inside and out, and accepting credit cards for payment. However, they still refuse to accept cards in order to avoid paying fees, and they have their own ATM so they can receive a commission. If you're planning to visit Girolamo's Court'n House Bar and Grill in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, you may be wondering what payment methods are accepted. The bar and grill accepts cash, debit cards, and credit cards as payment methods.

They also have their own ATM on-site if you need to withdraw cash. Girolamo's Court'n House Bar and Grill is an ideal place to visit for a unique dining experience. With outstanding customer service and a variety of payment methods accepted, you can be sure that your visit will be enjoyable.