What Types of Cocktails Does The Complexx in Eau Claire Offer?

The Complexx, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is part of the Pablo Group's Experiences collection of hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars. For many years, an Old Fashioned was a staple at any Wisconsin bar or dinner club. Nowadays, you can find the ingredients to make a cocktail almost anywhere. At The Complexx, they offer a wide variety of cocktails, from classic drinks to modern creations.

Their menu includes classic drinks like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Martini. They also have signature cocktails like the Wisconsin Mule and the Eau Claire Sour. For those who prefer beer or wine, they have a selection of craft beers and wines from around the world. The Complexx also offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks like sodas, juices, and teas.

They also have a selection of snacks and appetizers to accompany your drinks. Whether you're looking for a classic cocktail or something new and exciting, The Complexx has something for everyone.